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Frontier Dermatology

Our Story

Over the years, ten of the region’s most highly regarded dermatology practices have joined the Frontier Dermatology platform to better serve their patients.


Our roots in the Pacific Northwest date back to the year 2000, when Seattle Skin and Laser first opened its doors in the Emerald City.


Leading cosmetic skin care expert Dr. Jennifer Reichel launched the Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetic Center, with two premiere locations in Washington.

The company’s first locations in Oregon were established with the opening of Silver Falls Dermatology, which grew to 17 locations across the Beaver State and neighboring Washington from 2006-2023.


Our legacy in Washington also includes the highly respected Rosario Skin Clinic, which began servicing patients in 2007 and expanded to three locations throughout the Greater Seattle-area.


Dr. Dieter Schmidt, our first Chief Medical Officer, opened North Sound Dermatology and North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics in 2008, which evolved into one of the top practices in the Pacific Northwest, expanding to six locations across Washington.


Through a strategic partnership, Frontier Derm Partners was created in 2018 with the merging of these four practices into one world-class skin care platform, with each continuing to service patients under their legacy brand names for the next five years.


From 2018-2023, several additional practices joined the Frontier Derm Partners platform across Washington and Oregon, including Island Dermatology, Puget Sound Dermatology, Pinnacle Dermatology, West Sound Dermatology, and Birch Bay Dermatology.


In September 2023, Frontier Derm Partners unified its nine practices and enterprise-wide operations under the new brand identity of Frontier Dermatology, the Pacific Northwest’s preeminent authority on medical and cosmetic skin care.
With 35 locations across Washington and Oregon, 100+ skilled providers, and a comprehensive care model, Frontier Dermatology is now the largest dermatology group in the Pacific Northwest—as well as one of the leading practices nationally.

Letter From Our Chief Medical Officer

To our neighbors in the Pacific Northwest,

On behalf of our dedicated team across Washington and Oregon, I want to thank you for your interest in Frontier Dermatology.

At Frontier, our mission is simple: to raise the standards of dermatological care by continuously driving clinical excellence to improve patient outcomes. Every member of our team lives by this mission. It is at the core of what we do and as a result, we have built a reputation as the premiere resource for medical and cosmetic skin care.

With 35 convenient office locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, we offer highly accessible and innovative treatments from over 100 leading dermatologists and cosmetic professionals. Backed by many years of experience, our physician-owned and operated dermatology practice delivers world-class care using the latest, cutting-edge technologies and advances in research, including from our own in-house research department.

Discover the Frontier difference and experience the expertise, compassion, and excellence that define our mission.

Warmest Regards,

Dieter Schmidt
Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer
Frontier Dermatology