Lab Capabilities

Our Lab Capabilities

At Frontier Dermatology, we prioritize precise and efficient diagnoses to put the patient first. We have two advanced pathology labs, located in Salem, Oregon (CLIA-certified), and Mill Creek, Washington (CAP-certified), both equipped with state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostic technologies. Our laboratory professionals and pathologists are dedicated to optimizing systems to ensure safety and rapid turnaround times for accurate identification of all dermatological conditions. Whether it's uncovering the intricacies of a skin condition or confirming a diagnosis, our labs ensure the utmost accuracy to guide your path to better skin health.

For Referring Providers

Frontier Dermatology extends its lab capabilities to referring providers seeking the best for their patients. We offer same-day appointments for urgent conditions and guarantee that biopsy-proven melanomas receive attention within 24 hours. Biopsy-proven basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas and suspicious lesions will be assessed within seven days. Importantly, we are proud of the collaborative relationships we maintain with clinical providers, featuring direct lines of communication to enable immediate assistance and diagnostic support. You can trust Frontier to be your reliable partner in providing swift, accurate, and compassionate care for your patients' dermatological needs

Clinical Chemistry


Our clinical chemistry department conducts a variety of tests to assess the chemical components of bodily fluids, aiding in the diagnosis and management of diseases such as diabetes, kidney disorders, and liver conditions.



Our hematology laboratory specializes in the study of blood and blood-related disorders. We provide complete blood counts (CBC), coagulation profiles, and bone marrow examinations to support accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.



Our microbiology lab identifies pathogens responsible for infections and monitors their susceptibility to antibiotics, guiding healthcare providers in selecting the most effective treatments.



Our immunology department investigates the body's immune response, assisting in the diagnosis of autoimmune disorders, allergies, and immunodeficiency conditions.