31 October 2023 | Announcement

Frontier Dermatology Announces Co-Chief Medical Officer Appointments to Elevate Regional Patient Care

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PORTLAND, Ore. and SEATTLE, Wash. -- October 31, 2023 -- Frontier Dermatology (or the “Company”), the Pacific Northwest's top authority on medical and cosmetic skin care, is updating its organizational structure by introducing Co-Chief Medical Officer (“Co-CMO”) roles. Dr. E. James Song, MD, FAAD, will assume responsibility for the Washington region, while Dr. Lauren Boudreaux, DO, FAAD, will oversee operations in Oregon. The Company’s decision to create these two positions underscores its commitment to regional excellence, operational optimization, and providing customized skin solutions across its expansive network of locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Having recently united ten legacy practice brands under the Frontier Dermatology banner, this new leadership structure will enhance the organization’s ability to deliver localized, high-quality patient care while maintaining a unified, super-regional vision. By having dedicated CMOs for Oregon and Washington, the organization aims to enhance its capacity for regional clinical research, craft tailored community outreach programs, and foster more intimate collaborations with local medical institutions. The Co-CMO roles will also bolster resource optimization, enabling facilities, equipment, and staff in each state to be utilized as efficiently as possible, ensuring more personalized and accessible care solutions for residents in both states.

Frontier Dermatology’s outgoing CMO, Dr. Dieter Schmidt, will be refocusing his energies on patient care at two of the Company’s locations in Mill Creek and Mount Vernon, WA. While Dr. Schmidt is stepping down from his role as CMO, his invaluable insights will continue to guide Frontier Dermatology through his senior positions on the Company’s Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board.

"Introducing a Co-CMO structure to Frontier Dermatology is a forward-thinking strategy that not only attests to our deep understanding of the unique needs of Oregon and Washington, but also paves the way for a new era of specialized, patient-centric care,” said Dr. Dieter Schmidt, Frontier Dermatology's outgoing CMO. “Dr. Song and Dr. Boudreaux are exceptional professionals, both embodying the dedication, expertise, and regional acumen crucial for these roles. As I transition to focus more on direct patient care—a passion that has always driven me—I remain steadfast in my belief that Frontier Dermatology is on a path of continued success with these two at the clinical helm."

Dr. E. James Song, prior to this promotion, has been the driving force behind Frontier Dermatology’s clinical research as Director of Clinical Research and Associate Chief Medical Officer. He is recognized for his expertise in inflammatory skin diseases, including psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Dr. Song also holds editorial positions at prominent journals and is teaching faculty at numerous national meetings, further elevating the Company’s reputation in the dermatology community.

Dr. Lauren Boudreaux, known for her comprehensive approach to dermatology, previously served as Frontier Dermatology’s Chair of the Medical Advisory Board’s Cosmetics Committee, Regional Medical Director for the South Region (Oregon), and Associate Chief Medical Officer. With a patient-centric philosophy, Dr. Boudreaux has displayed outstanding leadership capabilities as Associate Program Director and attending physician for Frontier Dermatology’s ACGME-accredited residency program.

Bill Frerichs, President and Chief Operating Officer of Frontier Dermatology, remarked, "Dr. Schmidt's visionary leadership has been instrumental in positioning Frontier Dermatology at the forefront of patient care in the Pacific Northwest. As our journey continues, a commitment to accessibility, efficient resource utilization, and heartfelt community engagement is crucial. Having a CMO dedicated to each state ensures that we can continue offering the elite level of customized care our patients have come to expect. I am confident that Dr. Song and Dr. Boudreaux's extensive expertise and leadership capabilities make them the ideal individuals to drive Frontier Dermatology's next chapter of growth."

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